Dosewallips to Anderson Pass, Dosewallips River Trailhead, Olympic National Park, Washington

Dosewallips to Anderson Pass - 32.0 miles

Dosewallips River Trailhead

The West Fork Dosewallips River Trail

The West Fork Dosewallips River Trail

Round-Trip Length: 32.0 miles
Start-End Elevation: 595' - 4,464' (4,464' max elevation)
Elevation Change: +3,869' net elevation gain (+5,702' total roundtrip elevation gain)
Skill Level: Moderate
Dogs Allowed: No
Bikes Allowed: No
Horses Allowed: Yes
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Dosewallips to Anderson Pass - 32.0 Miles Round-Trip

Anderson Pass (4,464') is located 16 miles from Dosewallips Road in Olympic National Park. The pass spans a small divide between the Quinault River drainage (west), and West Fork Dosewallips River (east).

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The Dosewallips and West Fork Dosewallips trails join to form a long but moderate route through old growth forest and subalpine meadow to the pass, with several desirable campsites and connections for Lake Constance, Hayden Pass, LaCrosse Pass and Anderson Glacier. The trail continues over Anderson Pass down the Quinault side into Enchanted Valley.

Note: Dosewallips Road is washed out 5.45 miles from the trailhead, and will not be repaired. Hikers must now walk the road to reach the original Dosewallips Trailhead. Mileages given throughout this description include this extra distance:

The trail begins 9.6 miles west of Highway 101 at the Dosewallips washout. A new trail quickly veers right off the road-trail and switchbacks up and down a hump to a registration board (.4 miles).

From here a wide, graded road rises steadily along the river past the Olympic National Park boundary (3.55 miles : 1,320') and Lake Constance Trailhead (3.9 miles: 1,505'). It steepens beside Dosewallips Falls (4.5 miles) and gradually levels into a bottomland at the Dosewallips Ranger Station and original trailhead (5.45 miles : 1,610').

The trail narrows on singletrack past the ranger station to a bridge over Pass Creek (6.35 miles : 1,870'). It winds and rolls to the West Fork Dosewallips River Trail (Anderson Pass) and main fork Dosewallips Trail (Hayden Pass) split (7.25 miles : 1,835'). Follow signs left for Anderson Pass down to the Dose Forks Backcountry Campsite (6.85 miles : 1,736').

It drops from camp to a long bridge just downstream of the West Fork confluence. Once over it rises steadily across forested slopes to a high bridge over a deep gorge in the West Fork, just upstream of the confluence (8.2 miles : 1,880'). This places you on the north side of the West Fork, which you'll follow to Anderson Pass.

The trail rises on mild-moderate grades to a crest (9.1 miles : 2,505'), then drops to the Big Timber Backcountry Campsite (9.45 miles : 2,320'). It runs back up, crests again, then descends gradually to Diamond Meadows Backcountry Campsite (12.1 miles : 2,692').

Enjoy large trees and an open, spongy forest floor between these camps. Trail conditions are generally more varied, rugged and less manicured beyond this point.

The trail wraps around Diamond Meadows to a small sign optioning a footbridge or ford (12.6 miles : 2,740'). The bridge is out, so take the right fork through tall brush across the river and pick up the trail on the south bank. Note this point, which is easy to miss on the return.

The trail narrows on rough cobble through head-high brush that opens over a wide bend in the river. Travel steepens to a footbridge (13.35 miles : 3,015') and negotiates a tricky slide that can be impassable after heavy rain (13.7 miles).

Once over timber suddenly breaks across a big opening in the valley with good views of Mt Anderson and East Peak. A number of waterfalls can be seen spouting from high valley walls. The trail edges back to the river on a steep, rugged climb beside a voluminous cascade. Expect obstacles and overflow on this tight section, which is pinned by the river.

Travel eases above the falls to the Honeymoon Meadows Backcountry Campsite (14.1 miles : 3,527'). Continue straight past several more sites to the last river ford, which places you in Honeymoon Meadows (14.15 miles). The trail levels across the meadow to the LaCrosse Pass Trail split (14.65 miles : 3,627').

It climbs past the junction on steep switchbacks to Camp Siberia, also known as Anderson Pass Camp (15.45 miles : 4,180'). The trail follows signs (right) for the toilet, but it's worth diverting left past the shelter into a cool meadow for a good look at LaCrosse.

The forest thins past Camp Siberia with great views of Mt LaCrosse (6,417') from high, open slopes. It gradually levels and straightens to Anderson Pass and the Anderson Glacier Trail (16.0 miles : 4,464'). Continue a short distance west to see the Quinault River headwaters.

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Interactive GPS Topo Map

Key GPS Coordinates - DATUM WGS84

  • N47 44.330 W123 04.393 — 0.0 miles : Dosewallips Trailhead - Washout
  • N47 44.237 W123 04.636 — .4 miles : Steep climb drops to beginning of road-trail
  • N47 43.906 W123 05.258 — 1.0 miles : Fast, steady climb up road
  • N47 43.718 W123 06.351 — 2.0 miles : Fast, steady climb up road
  • N47 43.824 W123 07.453 — 3.0 miles : Fast, steady climb up road
  • N47 43.776 W123 08.114 — 3.55 miles : Enter Olympic National Park
  • N47 43.767 W123 08.522 — 3.9 miles : Lake Constance Trailhead
  • N47 44.156 W123 09.536 — 5.0 miles : Steep climb levels above Dosewallips Falls
  • N47 44.221 W123 10.025 — 5.45 miles : Dosewallips Ranger Station + Trailhead
  • N47 44.421 W123 10.477 — 6.05 miles : Terrace Trail split
  • N47 44.565 W123 10.713 — 6.35 miles : Cross bridge over Pass Creek
  • N47 44.604 W123 11.459 — 7.25 miles : Anderson Pass - Hayden Pass split
  • N47 44.578 W123 11.629 — 7.4 miles : Dose Forks Backcountry Campsite
  • N47 44.595 W123 12.318 — 8.2 miles : Cross bridge over the West Fork
  • N47 44.359 W123 13.114 — 9.0 miles : Steep climb in old old growth forest
  • N47 43.972 W123 14.188 — 9.45 miles : Big Timber Backcountry Campsite (2,325')
  • N47 43.508 W123 16.016 — 11.4 miles : Steep climb from Big Timber drops
  • N47 43.213 W123 16.734 — 12.1 miles : Diamond Meadows Campsite (2,729')
  • N47 43.111 W123 17.193 — 12.6 miles : River Ford
  • N47 43.087 W123 17.196 — 12.65 miles : Pick up trail on south bank
  • N47 42.885 W123 17.997 — 13.35 miles : Cross small footbridge
  • N47 42.675 W123 18.301 — 13.7 miles : Cross tricky slide across trail
  • N47 42.502 W123 18.650 — 14.1 miles : Honeymoon Meadows Campsite (3,527')
  • N47 42.457 W123 18.666 — 14.15 miles : Ford river back to north bank
  • N47 42.227 W123 18.902 — 14.65 miles : La Crosse Pass Trail split (3,627')
  • N47 41.977 W123 19.163 — 15.15 miles : Travel steepens on shifting path
  • N47 41.907 W123 19.318 — 15.45 miles : Camp Siberia (4,195'); follow signs for toilet
  • N47 41.765 W123 19.586 — 16.0 miles : Anderson Pass (4,464')

Worth Noting

  • A habituated goat is frequently encountered along the Dosewallips washout portion of the trail. This goat can be aggressive. Do not feed or approach wildlife.
  • Wild strawberries are abundant along the Dosewallips Road-Trail.

Camping and Backpacking Information

Permits are required for all overnight stays in Olympic National Park. Contact the Wilderness Information Center (360.565.3100) for backcountry camping reservations, permits and trail conditions. Visit the WIC: 600 East Park Avenue, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

  • There's an $8 per person - per night fee (children under 15 excluded). If you don't have access to a WIC, or plan to arrive early or late, call the WIC to arrange your permit ahead of time.
  • Quotas and Reservations are in effect May 1 - September 30 for Flapjack Lakes (there is no permit quota for the North Fork Skokomish River Trail).
  • 50% of sites can be reserved in advance; the other 50% is available first come, first served from the WIC during business hours up to 24 hours in advance. Self registration is not permitted during this time.
  • Camp only in established sites.
  • Food Storage: Bear canisters are not required, but are recommended.
  • Fires: Campfires are permitted up to 3500'. Fires are not permitted at and above Honeymoon Meadows.

Fishing Information

  • A Washington State Fishing License is not required to fish in Olympic National Park except when fishing in the Pacific Ocean from shore. No license is required to harvest surf smelt.
  • A Washington State catch record card is required to fish for salmon or steelhead and they must be accounted for as if caught in state waters. Fishing regulations are specific to site, species, and season. Always contact the Park before setting out for the latest guidelines.
  • Recreational fishing in freshwater areas of Olympic National Park is restricted to artificial lures with single, barbless hooks (exceptions may apply).
  • The use of seines, traps, drugs, explosives, and nets (except to land a legally hooked fish or dip-net smelt) are prohibited.

Rules and Regulations

  • There's a $25 entrance fee to Olympic National Park.

  • Pets are not permitted on trails. Pets are permitted in campgrounds and must be leashed at all times.
  • Stock is permitted. Stock groups must camp at designated sites at Big Timber and Diamond Meadows.

Directions to Trailhead

The Dosewallips River Trailhead is located 9.6 miles west of Highway 101 on Dosewallips Road. The turnoff from Highway 101 is located on the north end of Brinnon, WA (11 miles south of Quilcene). 

Dosewallips Road turns to dirt 6.6 miles from HWY 101. High clearance is advised. It may be passable to 2WD cars in good condition, however there's a significant washout at 8.5 miles that can be unsuitable for cars without clearance. 

Contact Information

Olympic National Park
600 East Park Avenue
Port Angeles, WA 98362-6798

Visitor Information: 360.565.3130

Road & Weather Hotline: 360.565.3131

Wilderness Information Center and Backcountry Permit Office (WIC)

Staircase Ranger Station: 360.877.5569
Seasonal Hours: June 24 - September 2: Open 8:30 - 5, Friday - Sunday

Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center

Forks Information Station
360.374.7566 or 360.374.5877

Quinault Wilderness Information Office

Trip Reports

There are no trip reports on this trail.


"The trail was clear other than a few patches of snow between Honeymoon Meadows and Camp Siberia. There was also a little snow just below the pass (Dose side), but it was easy to just walk around. I was surprised at how limited views were from the pass, but I guess you have to go up the moraine trail to really see more. Next time I'll plan to come out the Quinault side. I've been to enchanted valley but camped near the chalet, so never really saw the rest of the valley. In general this is a great trail and I found the Dosewallips to be a really pretty river."
William Sullivan  -  Seattle  -  Date Posted: June 16, 2016


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